Ultimately the Polish version of the Terms and Conditions is considered the final and binding form of regulations for the Competition



  1. The Fifth International Individual Sacred Music Vocal Competition is organised by the Department of Vocal and Acting Studies of the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland.
  2. The fifth edition of the competition will occur in three stages, with below listed dates:

I stage:                       10 March 2023                      – ONLINE

II stage:                     12-13 April 2023                   – IN-PERSON at the Organiser’s venue

III stage:                    14 April 2023                        – IN-PERSON at the Organiser’s venue

  1. The competition is open to:

Category I: vocal performance students and alumni from (master’s/graduate) music schools,
excluding vocal students from universities,

Category II: undergraduate (bachelor’s) vocal performance students,

Category III: postgraduate (master’s) vocal performance students and alumni, born after 31.03.1988.

            Main prize laureates from previous editions, may participate in another edition of the competition, provided that they move to a higher category and that no portion of their repertoire is repeated.

  1. The candidates will be informed electronically via the email address indicated in the entry form, confirming their registration as participants, once they meet the following conditions by 28.02.2023 (the final deadline for entries along with the payment):

– a properly completed entry form and as well as statement both found on the website of the competition: www.arsetgloria.pl, as well as signed copies of the aforementioned documents via email to the main organiser of the competition: [email protected] by 28.02.2023.

– payment the entry fee specified in point #5, to the bank account of the Academy of Music in Katowice: ING Bank Śląski O/Katowice no. PL 22 1050 1214 1000 0007 0000 7875; SWIFT CODE: INGBPLPW, transfer name: „Ars et Gloria 2023” by 28.02.2023.

  1. The entry fee for the respective categories is:

Category I: with own pianist: 150 PLN; with the organiser’s pianist in the II & III stage: 200 PLN.

Category II: with own pianist: 200 PLN; with the organiser’s pianist in the II & III stage: 250 PLN.

Category III: with own pianist: 250 PLN; with the organiser’s pianist in the II & III stage: 300 PLN.

  1. Resignation from participation with a refund of the entry fee, as well as any changes in the repertoire, will only be permitted until 05.03.2023.
  2. A participant requesting cooperation with a pianist provided by the organisers during the II & III stage of the Competition shall make the payment specified in point #5 is obliged to:

– send a paper copy of a properly organized and signed sheet music to: Akademia Muzyczna im. Karola Szymanowskiego, 40-025 Katowice, ul. Wojewódzka 33, POLAND; in an envelope with the following reference note: „Ars et Gloria 2023 – Nuty”; should a participant resign from the competition, the materials sent in will not be returned;

– contact the pianist designated by the organisers and make appointments for rehearsals should they be necessary.

There is no option to request a pianist during the I stage of competition.

  1. The participants shall bear all costs related to travel and accommodation.



  1. The organisers shall not provide neither board nor lodging for the participants nor their pianists. The organisers recommend accommodations at the ‘Parnas’ Student Residence Hall at the Academy of Music (please mention: ‘Ars et Gloria 2023’ when booking) as well as the services of the ‘Bajlaga’ restaurant in the main building of the Academy of Music in Katowice.



  1. The following prizes and distinctions shall be awarded in respective categories:

MAIN PRIZES /gross amounts/

Category I                             Category II                           Category III 

I – 2500 PLN                         I – 4000 PLN                         I – 6000 PLN

II – 1750 PLN                        II – 3000 PLN                        II – 5000 PLN

III – 1000 PLN                       III – 2000 PLN                       III – 4000 PLN

Mentions:                              Mentions:                              Mentions:

I, II, III                                  I, II, III                                   I, II, III


Dr hab. Jarosław Bręk, AM Poznań,

    – performance in a festival concert;

Prof. dr. hab. Andrzej Chorosiński, UMFC Warszawa,

    – performance in a devotional festival concert;

Director of the Zabrze Philharmonic – Sławomir Chrzanowski,

    – performance in a philharmonic concert;

Director of the Koszalin Philharmonic – Robert Wasilewski,

    – performance in a philharmonic concert;

Director of the Subcarpathian Philharmonic in Rzeszów – Prof. dr. hab. Marta Wierzbieniec,

    – performance in a philharmonic concert;

Director – Prof. dr. hab. Piotr Sułkowski,

    – performance in a philharmonic concert;

Director of the Opole Philharmonic – Przemysław Neumann,

    – performance in a philharmonic concert;

Prize for the best performance of a sacred piece;

Prize for the best performance of a Polish piece;

Prize for the best performance of a XX-XXI century piece;

  1. It remains at the jury’s sole discretion to alter the number of main prizes and/or distinctions (e.g. to award certain prizes ex aequo). The sum total of the main prizes, as well as the total amount for each category, shall remain the same as prescribed herein.
  2. The Organisers intend to award financial prizes for outstanding performances by accompanying pianists as well. The amounts and number of such prizes shall be announced during the final results of the Competition.

  2. 1. By applying to participate in the Competition, each participant:
  3. agrees to have photos taken of them during the Competition; as well as their storage, repeated use, editing, processing and use of them across any medium for promotional and archiving purposes of the Organizers, without the need to obtain the approval of the participant each time,
  4. grants the Competition’s Organizers the right to use the audio-visual recordings of their performances during the Competition free of charge across the following ways of use:
  5. a) recording, copying and reproduction – to record using digital sound techniques, video and imagery; production and publication via CDs and / or DVDs or other media, only for non-commercial purposes,
  6. b) trade of copies and market placement where the artistic performances having been recorded are used for marketing, lending or renting of the original or copies,
  7. c) dissemination and promotion the performance in manners other than specified under letter b) – i.e. for broadcasting, rebroadcasting and playback, as well as for making the performance available to the public on selected websites,
  8. agrees to the processing of their personal data for the purposes of the Organizers as well as the conducting of the Competition in accordance with the terms of the declaration contained in the Application Form.

13.2. Personal data is collected on a voluntary basis, however, inclusion of mentioned personal data in the Participant’s Application Form is a mandatory condition for taking part in the Competition. Sending the Application form is tantamount to confirming that you have read the Regulations and accept its provisions and terms.

13.3. The Competition Participant is obliged to comply with health and safety and fire regulations in force at the Academy of Music’s buildings.

13.4. The Participant is obliged to comply with sanitary safety requirements and comply with regulations aimed at reducing the risk associated with the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus.



  1. The performances will be assessed by the following jurors:

/the Jury will be announced at a later date/

  1. The Jury shall be awarding points for the participants’ performances on a scale from 0 to 25. The verdict of the Jury is final and irrevocable and is not subject to appeal. The deliberations of the Jury and the notes taken of these meetings are confidential.
  2. The final schedule of auditions for the II & III stages, as well as the order of the presentation of the participants will be determined after a draw of participants who qualified for the II stage (taking place 10.03.2023) by the Jury. The results of the draw along with the final list and order of participants’ performances shall be published on the website of the competition on 15.03.2023.

In special circumstances, the Jury reserves the right to make necessary changes in the order of the participation of the performers.

The schedule of the competition is:

10.03.2023 – Friday                 I stage – ONLINE – Evaluation of DVD recordings

                                               10 p.m. Announcement of I stage results www.arsetgloria.pl

12.04.2023 – Wednesday         II stage in-person auditions – Academy hall (Aula 2nd floor)

                                               10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

                                               2 p.m.   – 5 p.m.

                                               6 p.m.   – 9 p.m.

13.04.2023 – Thursday            II stage in-person auditions – Academy hall (Aula 2nd floor)

                                               10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

                                               2 p.m.   –  5 p.m.

                                               6 p.m.   –  9 p.m.

                                               10 p.m. – 11 p.m.  Announcement of II stage results

14.04.2023 – Friday                 III stage in-person auditions – Academy hall (Aula 2nd floor)

                                               10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

                                               4 p.m. – 5 p.m. : Announcement list of laureates of the competition

                                               5 p.m. – 7 p.m. : Participant consultations with the Jurors

7 p.m.– 9 p.m.: Announcement of the final results of the competition & Laureates’ Concert Academy hall (Aula 2nd floor)


  1. The order of auditions in the III stage of the competition will remain the same as in the II stage, after taking into account the participants that have dropped out (after stage II).
  2. The performers who have qualified to the II stage of the competition, are required to register in person at the reception desk (i.e. Patio of the main building of Academy of Music) the day of the start of the competition (i.e. 12.03.2023) at least an hour before the participant’s performance time.
  3. The organizers of the competition guarantee space for vocal warm-up as well as wardrobe change for all participants of the II & III stage of the competition, the day of the auditions up to half an hour before the participant’s scheduled performance time. Acoustical warm-ups, however, are not anticipated to take place.



  1. All laureates are obliged to perform in the Laureates’ Concert free of charge (14th of January 2023), as well as to perform musical pieces assigned by the Jury.
  2. A laureate’s resignation from performance in the Laureates’ Concert without the Organiser’s consent is tantamount to giving up all titles and prizes awarded to the laureate in this Competition.

VII.            REPERTOIRE


  1. The organizers will conduct the I stage of the competition online. For this purpose, the participant should prepare a DVD recording of their repertoire, save it in the appropriate format and upload it to their channel of choice (i.e. URL address) on YouTube, and send the exact URL weblink address as part of the application form to: [email protected] by 28.02.2023. The II & III stage of the competition will be held In-Person at the Academy of Music in Katowice on the aforementioned dates. A recording with a collaboration of a pianist-accompanist, in addition to the best possible sound quality, should also be excellent in terms of image quality. Ensuring proper lighting, the camera should record the entire body of the performer in a continuous, uninterrupted manner, without any video and/or sound editing during the recording of all performed musical pieces (i.e. one, continuous recording of the I stage of the competition without any camera stops, with short pauses between performed pieces, just like in a live performance). Recordings that have been edited or tampered with in regards to video and/or sound quality and authenticity will be disqualified. The recordings should be labeled with the performers’ surnames and contain information about the repertoire pieces included (for example: J.S. Bach. Aria Deposuit potentes from „Magnificat”; or: S. Moniuszko. Na skrzydłach pieśni; or: 1447. G. Puccini. Aria Liu Signore, ascolta from the (I) opera „Turandot”)

The schedule for the repertoire of performances is below:

I stage: 10.03.2023 – ONLINE – performance time: up to 15 minutes

  • any sacred music piece
  • a baroque or classical song or aria
  • any operatic or oratorio-cantata aria

/the pieces should be performed in at least two different languages /

II stage: 12-13.04.2023 – IN-PERSON – performance time: up to 15 minutes

  • a sacred artistic Marian piece
  • any oratorio-cantata or opera aria
  • any musical piece composed in the XX-XXI century

III stage: 14.04.2023 r. – IN-PERSONperformance time: up to 10 minutes

  • any musical piece / a piece from the I stage may be repeated
  • an opera aria or oratorio-cantata aria / different from the ones chosen I and II stage of the competition


  1. In each stage of the competition the Participant presents 3 pieces, the joint performance of which cannot exceed the time indicated hereinbefore. Exceeding performance time may result in the Participant being disqualified from the Competition.

            The Participant shall perform all works from memory, both during recordings, auditions as well as the laureates’ concert. The Participants are free to decide the order of the pieces they intend to perform.

  1. The oratorio-cantata and operatic arias must be performed in the original key, performer’s voice type and language. Songs may be performed in any key and language, unless the organizer clearly indicated a specific language for the given piece.


            The address of the Competition:

„International Individual Sacred Music Vocal Competition ARS ET GLORIA 2023”

Karola Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice

40-025 Katowice, ul. Wojewódzka 33, POLAND


Competition bank account:

Account owner: Akademia Muzyczna im. Karola Szymanowskiego w Katowicach

BANK:           ING Bank Śląski O/Katowice no. PL 22 1050 1214 1000 0007 0000 7875

IBAN:             PL 22 1050 1214 1000 0007 0000 7875


Title of transfer: „Ars et Gloria 2023”

            Organisers of the competition:

Prof. dr. hab. Ewa Biegas, prof. AM – Dean of Vocal & Acting Studies

phone : (+48)501-009-143; e-mail: [email protected]  /auf deutsch/


Dr. hab. ks. Paweł Sobierajski, prof. AM

phone: (+48)604-484-003; e-mail: [email protected]

            Competition office – Secretary of the Jury:

Dr. Katarzyna Ćwiek

phone: (+48)724-466-480; e-mail: [email protected] /in english/


Dr. Anna Noworzyn-Sławińska

phone: (+48)607-437-573; e-mail: [email protected]